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  • April 18, 2024 3:31 am local time


WorkDo enables your team the next-level team communication and collaboration by providing a robust set of workplace productivity tools. Whether it is project management, task assignment, HR management, or enterprise IM, WorkDo’s got you covered! Watch your team and projects propel forward when the right tools are given. Available on any device, so you get in touch with your team and work even on the run!

Task Management: Assign, track, and comment on any task to keep projects on schedule and do more with less effort.
Event Planning: Company-wide events can be quickly planned with an attendance list.
Note Taking: Add a post to share information or important announcements to the entire company or just within your group and between you and your buddies.
Opinion Polls: Get opinions on project directions and idea implementations.
File Share: Upload files to share resources and information.
Online Leave Application: Apply for leave is easy, and managers can coordinate resources better and in advance.
Human Resource Management: Manage employee information and helps HR staff reach employees easily during emergencies.
Conference Room Booking: Book and manage conference room schedules
Expense Reimbursement: Apply and keep track of expenses easily.
Customer Relations: Manage your accounts and stay on track with your business.
Attendance Tracking: Clock in/out to track work hours with post clock in/out and appeal available. Reports are also available.
Approval Signing: A general tool for everything that requires multiple personnel approvals.
Payroll Management: A semi-automatic payroll calculation system that fits any company.
Project Timesheet: Keep track of project work hours to allocate resources promptly.

Available on iOS and Android, checkout WorkDo at

Make teamwork effortless.

WorkDo - Work easy, work smart!

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