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Traditional Japanese Jiujitsu Class

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Traditional Japanese Jiujitsu Class

Welcome to Jiu Jitsu Penang Island Club. Are you looking for a practical martial arts training for self-defense? Or maybe you just

want a fun way to keep fit while learning an interesting skill?

Jiu Jitsu Penang Island Club is a martial arts school that teaches Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu for both Adults and Teens.

Master Yugaraja Rajasekaran, Chief Instructor, is dedicated to teaching and spreading this art, helping you build a strong mind and

body. And at the same time, learn powerful self defense techniques in a strict, supportive and friendly atmosphere. Our syllabus

includes joint locks, throws/takedowns, striking (atemi waza) and chokes/strangulation. This will help you defend against strikes,

body grabs, ground attacks, and weapons.

To help you decide if Jiu Jitsu is for you, We invite you to watch a class and allow us to answer all of your questions. Contact us

for more additional information.

We are open to the public and taking in new students. Drop by and try our free one week trial class.

- Self-Defense
- Self-Discipline
- Self-Confidence
- Self-Respect
- Weight Loss
- Increase Endurance and Stamina
- Better Flexibility and Coordination

The term Jujutsu dates back to around 1630. However the techniques with the characteristics of what would come to be associated

with jujutsu can be found in early writings in Japan with reference back to the year 23 B. C.

As a classical fighting art in Japan, jujutsu can be defined as: a method of close combat, either unarmed or employing minor

weapons, that can be used in defensive or offensive ways, to subdue one or more unarmed or armed opponents. A simple translation of

the two Japanese characters is Ju: gentleness, suppleness, flexibility, yielding; and Jutsu: (often spelt and pronounced jitsu)

art, technique, or skill.

In more modern times since the late 1800s and early 1900s and with the introduction of Jujutsu to the Western World the focus

shifted towards emphasizing jujutsu as a gentle art, a system of self defence, and a system of physical education. Notable forms of

endeavour that developed from jujutsu during these times include both judo and aikido.

Jujutsu around the world is practised by all ages from children to seniors both men and women. Jujutsu truly can be a lifelong


Today there are commonly four forms of jujutsu from which you may choose to participate.

Sport - provides the opportunity for both individual and team competition at club, state, national and world levels.
Grappling - Commonly referred to as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or submission grappling.
Self defence and awareness - ideal for those seeking to develop their level of confidence and a basic knowledge and ability to

protect themselves in today’s society.
The total martial art - for the more serious participant, seeking grading and promotion. Your learning may include: skills in

avoidance and evasive movement, throwing, striking, grappling, immobilization techniques, the application of submission holds, and

the practice of both Jujuts

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