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  • 101 Irrawaddy Rd, #17-07 Royal Square Medical Center, Singapore 329565


Dr. Khng is a Singapore dental implant expert who graduated from the National University of Singapore's Faculty of Dentistry in 2006. After graduation, he joined MOHH and began working as a dentist in the Toa Payoh Polyclinic. During 2007 and 2008, he was also designated as the acting dental officer.

Have you considered getting your teeth corrected but are concerned about having to deal with orthodontics again in the future? You no longer have to be concerned! Dr. Khng also provides dental implants in Singapore at an inexpensive price.

When do I need a prosthodontic specialist?

Consult with a prosthodontic specialist if you have had trauma to your teeth or mouth, are having difficulties chewing or wearing dentures, are missing teeth and require an implant, or have an issue with your gums that won't heal.

Dental crowns and bridges repair missing teeth and restore your smile. A dental crown may be recommended if you have lost a tooth in an accident or due to gum disease. Bridges are another option for those who have lost teeth on one or both sides of their mouth.

What are partial dentures, and when do you need them?

Partial dentures are a frequent dental surgery in which teeth are replaced with fixed or removable plastic or metal prostheses. It is most commonly used to restore lost teeth in the lower jaw. There are numerous reasons why this treatment is required, but it can be utilized to stop teeth grinding or clenching, allow for the restoration of a few missing teeth, or offer total coverage of the mouth when orthodontics is not possible.

Complete Dental Dentures are required if you are lost teeth. It is a form of prosthetic denture that replaces all of your natural teeth. This is typically done when your jawbone begins to shrink or weaken as a result of tooth loss.

Immediate dentures are a rapid, simple, and inexpensive approach to replace missing teeth. These dentures can be fitted and placed in a day or two and can be removed for eating or cleaning. They do not require any changes to the jaw or gums to fit properly.

Prostho Dental Office and Dr Kelvin Khng offer Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Singapore.

Prostho Dental Office is a dental clinic that offers a wide variety of dental treatments and services. Dr. Kelvin Khng has years of experience in aesthetic and general dentistry and specializes in complete mouth rehabilitation treatments including as implants, dentures, and more.

For accurate diagnosis, we use cutting-edge equipment such as intraoral scanners, digital x-rays, and photos. Patients can fix their dental problems with a specific treatment plan. Our dentists are well-trained to provide excellent dental care that is tailored to your specific requirements. Our team strives to deliver a stress-free and pleasant dental experience while restoring a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

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