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Premium Mother Day Special

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Packed with FREE gift card and ready hand made beautifully.

This is real flower that can last for 2 years,imported from Japan and thoughtfully designed by my beloved daughter.

why choose this?

Mother Day Flower Gift ala Beauty and Beast. long lasting beautifully encased in glass. Sell for RM120 per unit design. Include postage.

This is low maintenance,don't have to water or put under sunlight.

Your mother can have this special Mother's day memory for 2 years, unlike fresh flower that is expensive and can only survive for few weeks.

pm 0162061843

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  • Product Title:
    Premium Mother Day Special
  • Condition:
    New Products
  • Selling Price:
    RM 120
  • Sell By:
    Private Seller
  • Name:
    Steward S
  • Office Contact Number:
  • Contact by Whatsapp:
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