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Gift Shop · Florist · Souvenir Shop


Gift Shop · Florist · Souvenir Shop flower or photo

Looking for flower or photo can contact me。

Good news !! Due to shop open month, we have this contest to give away some remembrance gift below are the prize (include postage) 好消息 !! 由于商店开放的月份,我们有这次比赛来送出一些纪念性礼物,以下是奖品(包括邮费)

Date日期 : 20.05.2020 till 到 29.05.2020 (9pm)

Prize 奖品:
1. 80 photos + Small Transparent album + clip x 1
80张照片 + 小透明相册 + 夹
2. Magic Mug 魔术杯 x 1
3. 100 photos + clip + stickers. x 1

How to participate? Steps below , 如何参加? 步骤如下:

1. share this post (1 post only) on your timeline in public view
2. - add description start with "Photo"
- please belows hagtag(#) (copy and paste it)
#gsgiveshop #gift #memories #love #family #friends #mco
3. after share, please leave a comment - "done" and tag 3 friends.

1. 分享这帖子在你的主页给大众看 (一人只限制分享一次)
2. -添加描述以“照片”开头
-请在标签下方 (#) (复制并粘贴)
#gsgiveshop #gift #memories #love #family #friends #mco
3. 分享后,请发表评论 - "完成"并标记3个朋友。

Ask your friends like our page + like your post (both must like).
How to win, the more like you have the higher chance you will get !! Good luck

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    Gift Shop · Florist · Souvenir Shop
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    Private Seller
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    Gift Shop · Florist · Souvenir Shop

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