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Face mask

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Face mask

Start The Good Day And Good Health With Good Morning plus Start The Day Right With A Smile Good Morning Everyone

Let's see...what am I going to introduce to you today...

What is this multi masking ??

Ok here's a little bit about Artistry Signature Select Multi Masking. There are 5 types in total

- Polishing Mask (Purple) for polishing more to scrub to remove any dead skin. Can use 2x a week.

How to use: sweep and apply to skin. Avoid eyes and lips area. Use only 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, massage the face to remove all dead skin on the face. Avoid the treated area. Wash until clean. And apply a toner afterwards.

-Hydrating Mask (Green) for hydrating, no matter what the problem, our skin needs hydration. And this kind of thing can be worn everyday.

- Purifying Mask (Yellow) for purifying, ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. Can use 2x a week How to use: Only a thin sweater. If thick is a bit difficult to wash.

-Firming Mask (Red) for firming, elastic skin and can be used daily. How to use: Sweep and massage. The red will turn white. And let it sit for 7 minutes.

-Brightening Mask (White) for brightening to fade black spots on face, can be used 3x per week. How to use it: Apply it to the surface and leave for 7 minutes. Before washing, massage first.

Each of these types we only use 7 minutes, it doesn't take long. But the impression is  The use of it will certainly feel its effects. The skin feels smooth and soft. It's a superb mask.

Awesome right

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