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Eco Friendly Paint Malaysia


Eco Friendly Paint Malaysia

Rust Bullet (eco friendly paint) is considered an environmentally friendly solution FOR STOPPING RUST AND CORROSION AND IS WIDELY CONSIDERED THE BEST RUST INHIBITIVE INDUSTRIAL COATING.

Rust Bullet (eco friendly paint) products contain no lead, no zinc, no chromates, no heavy metals, no acids, and no pesticides.

Water held in a container coated with Rust Bullet (eco friendly paint) was tested for potability after 30 days and then again after 120 days and met the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) primary and secondary drinking water standards.

Rust Bullet (eco friendly paint) effectively encapsulates mold and other bio -hazards directly reducing labor costs.

Awarded an Unprecedented Two United States Patents Extensive Scientific Testing Against the Market Leaders Confirms Rust Bullet (eco friendly paint) is Unsurpassed in the Control of Rust and Corrosion ECO Friendly :-

1) Contains No Lead, No Zinc, No Chromates, No Acids, and No Heavy Metals

2) VOC Compliant

3) Applies Directly Over Rusted and Clean Surfaces

4) Protects Metal, Concrete, Wood, Fiberglass and Many Other Substrates

5) Little or No Surface Preparation Required

6) Easy to Apply and Maintain Apply by Brush, Roller, or Spray Equipment

7) Superior Adhesion Scratch, Chip, and Chemical Resistant

8) UV Resistant - No Topcoat Necessary

9) Strong Weather Resistance in All Climates and Below Sea Water

10) Tested and Proven to Effectively Encapsulate Mold

11) Performed Better than Most Fire Retardant Coatings in the ASTM E84-04 Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

12) Potted Water and Volatile Organics Tests Confirm Rust Bullet Coating Meets the United States ’ Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Standards

13) Awarded a Schedule Contract with the United States General Services Administration (GSA), One of the World´s Largest Suppliers of Quality Products to U. S. Federal Government Buyers

Rust Bullet´s Superior Patented Technology permanently stops rust and corrosion.

Contact sfwong111@gmail. com or 016690 2008 for delivery in Malaysia.


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    Eco Friendly Paint Malaysia
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    SF Wong
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