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The Key to Good Health is . . . . simply drink Bio-Alkaline Refreshing Drink!

身体健康的秘诀. . . . 喝爱俪康机能饮品!

The word ARUKARI is Japanese for Alkaline. Bio-Alkaline Refreshing Drink is formulated in Japan in strict accordance to our continuous research & development process. The product is manufactured to stringent manufacturing standards.

Bio-Alkaline Refreshing Drink has the unique properties of re-adjusting the Blood pH to alkalinity as well as providing the necessary Calcium, Anti-oxidant, Vitamin C and Fibre to your body cells.

So, why drink just plain water when you can supercharge your water? Just add one sachet of ArukariRefreshing Drink to your water. It provides a boost of alkalinity to your body and also protects you from almost all major diseases.

Each sachet is approximately pH 10. Fast and easy in preparation -- just add water to dissolve. Upon consumption, the effect is immediate to the body. Take the test! You will be amazed at what you will see. It is perfect for the whole family!

Bio-Alkaline 即日文碱性的意思。爱俪康机能饮品是经过日本科研试验所 研发而成。此产品的生产规范符合严格的制造标准及国际品 质管理系统。

爱俪康机能饮品含有碱性度- pH值10,具备着超强的重新调整血液pH值的独特性能 ,同时为您的身体细胞提供所需的钙、抗氧化,维他命C与 纤维。

只需把一小袋包的爱俪康机能饮品添加入您的饮料或 加水­­溶解,快速简单,全家皆宜饮品!试一试,效果将 令您惊讶万分!它不但提供体内的碱性度, 有效维持细胞修护,促进细胞的水合作用,同时助您预防疾 病!

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visit us at JC Beauty Fitness SPA
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