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??? 135 ?????? ?? 12

Are You Missing Out Good Deal Because You Only Wanted High Floor?
Shall We Do Some Comparison of Available Units In The Market Together?
Blk135 Low Floor, Asking $640,000 Nicely Renovated!!!
Blk135 High Floor, Asking $750,000 Simple Reno
Blk135 Very High Floor, Asking $828,000 Original Condition
The Difference Between Low and Mid-High Floor Units is AT LEAST a $110,000-$188,000!
For $188,000 Difference Means You Need A Higher Loan or Higher CPF Usage Which Attract Interest.
Fully Done Up House at Bargain Price! Savings Up To $188,000 and No Additional Renovation Cost Required!
It Really Depends On What Is Your Priority For Your Lifestyle: Money In Pocket OR Level of Unit.
Entry At Lower Price and Immediately Gain On Paper Value!
Still Unsure If You Suit Down-To-Earth (Low Floor) Life?
Examine your personality to find out the answer!
These more practical types:
• Want to save time by not having to wait for the lift.
• Prefer the possibility of more space over a dramatic view.
• Are adapted to their urban environment, and don’t mind the noise.
• Passed Secondary school science, so they know that heat rises.
• Speaking of heat, they want to be the first ones out when a fire starts.
Advantage Of Your Home Being Surrounded By Elite School like Raffles Institution, Raffles Girls School, Ai Tong Primary School?
Good Property Value – For So Long As The School Remains, There’s Likely To Be A Demand For Your Home From New Generations of Parents!
Wait No Further to Contact Me For A Non Obligation Discussion Today!
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    ??? 135 ?????? ?? 12
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